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Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m the founding member of “The Little Contemporary Corner”. The main genre I read is contemporary and I have a passion for those love stories that you want to believe will happen to you (but really we all know that the boy will never magically wake us up from a coma and then find us a year later to fall in love all over again).
I’m a Harry Potter, Disney and McFly fangirl and the one thing I cannot live without is my personal library of around 600 books! Currently living in the UK and studying English Language and Creative Writing at University.




Hey, I’m Sophie from Manchester, England.
My favourite thing about reading is the feeling of being completely immersed in a brand new world. I also love meeting complex and wonderful characters who I can only wish existed in real life.
I also love TV shows and films. My main loves are Harry Potter, Ava DuVernay and Jessica Chastain. I have a huge passion for films and filmmaking and hope to one day work in either film production or research.  I’m currently studying Film Studies with Film Production at University.




12998445_10206260896704568_3437837223932780048_oHey, I’m Lydia and I live in a small town in Kent. I’m a primary school teacher whose desk is constantly covered in books to mark and books to read. I love escaping into books so that I can see that my life isn’t all that bad or to fantasise and dream about what my life could be (although never is *sigh*).
I love musical theatre and all things Broadway and wish someday I could hold a note and end up on stage. Until then, I live this dream through watching Glee and as many theatre shows as I can.


Hey, I’m Shannan, a University graduate thumbnail_10443431_10204218145120757_300907963586074743_nfrom Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I currently run a lifestyle, book and travel blog over at “Twenty Something and Day Dreaming”.

I will read just about anything, but if I did have to choose, then I would say that romance is my favourite genre. I am a sucker for those little love stories that you just wish would happen to yourself, and others around you. I have a growing passion for reading, writing and photography – with photography being something I have recently gotten in to. And I am also a bit of a fangirl, especially when it comes to McFly, Harry Potter and all things Disney.



gemma ppHello, people of the internet! My name’s Gemma and I’m from Greater Manchester, England. I am incredibly curious – so much so I have a blog called ‘Gem’s Curiosity Blog’ and love stories. My dream is to become a published author and share my stories with the world.

When it comes to things I love, I’d say I have eclectic tastes. I read a lot of books, regardless of genre or format. I love Disney and Harry Potter, but I also enjoy Game of Thrones. I listen to various types of music too. I also enjoy writing, drawing, dancing, exploring new places and trying out new things!

Gemma x


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