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Hello, and welcome to The Little Contemporary Corner! We are Sarah and Sophie, and this is our little corner to talk about anything bookish and gay. We are best friend book bloggers from Manchester, with a friendship that has lasted over half our lives. We started The Little Contemporary Corner in 2015 as a way to talk about what we were reading at the time, and something we could do together whilst at different universities. We had no idea it would come as far as publishing connections, award nominations, new friends and our own LGBTQ+ Book Club.

If you want to put names to faces, Sophie’s on the left, Sarah’s on the right!

Whereas our reading tastes are constantly changing, we both trust each other like no other when recommending books. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower holds a special place in our hearts as our friendship book.

Sarah graduated with a degree in English Language and Creative Writing in 2016. Charity work has been her passion since university, starting to volunteer in a charity bookshop and expanding her love of books. Her love of charity has taken her now to an online sales and marketing job for a small Hospice charity in Manchester, and she could not be happier. The Little Contemporary Corner is a way for her to keep her love of reading alive and to make new friends and connections.

Sophie has a passion for film as much as she does for books. After graduating with a degree in Film Studies and Film Production in 2016, she jumped around jobs a little before taking the leap to begin freelancing at various UK film festivals which she adores. Alongside this, she is a voluntary Creative Director at Rianne Pictures, loves learning new things and meeting new people – be that through working events, blogging or anything to be honest!

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We have been longlisted as Champion of Diversity for the third year in a row at the UKYABA Awards! We are super grateful to be nominated alongside some wonderfully inclusive bloggers.

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2019 Nominations 


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