Heartstream by Tom Pollock – Blogtober

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Heartstream was one of my most anticipated reads from my YALC TBR this year. There was so much hype around Tom Pollock this time last year due to the release of White Rabbit, Red Wolf and i never got around to picking it up.

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The Quiet At The End Of The World by Lauren James

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I really love Lauren’s writing, and i have for a long time, so Quiet was a hugely anticipated book for me in 2019. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the story, because of the masterpiece of The Loneliest Girl In The Universe, however i absolutely loved Quiet.

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The Loneliest Girl In The Universe by Lauren James

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I didn’t have high hopes for any Lauren James novel after i read The Next Together and spent a lot of time afterwards disliking it. But, when YALC rolled around this year and by far The Loneliest Girl In The Universe was the most talked about book, it was difficult not to pick up a copy eventually. It seemed to have an exciting premise and i was in the hope that i connect with the writing a little bit more as she’s gone on to write more novels.

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Wing Jones by Katherine Webber

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Wing Jones has been a huge hit in the contemporary genre since it’s release at the beginning of the year . It’s Katherine Webber’s debut novel, which meant i was a little confused about why there was so much hype around it last year at YALC. At first i took no interest, however as time passed and continuously seeing it on friends Twitter and Instagram accounts, i picked it up.

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BEDM: Release by Patrick Ness – Review

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Patrick Ness has very quickly become one of my favourite authors in the last few years. I find his books so very relatable but with twists that make them extraordinary. I’m sure so many others feel the same way as his books are extremely well received. Release is his latest release (ha) and i was lucky enough to attend a talk with him about this book, you can see my full post on it HERE.

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The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas – Review

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Simply put, this is one of the most powerful and thought provoking insight in to the way other people live i’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I was in a little bit of a YA slump until i read The Hate U Give. It completely blew up in America and was fueled by the movie rights being bought. I went in to it thinking it was over-hyped, but it’s simply phenomenal.

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