Videos or Blog Posts? (Or both!)

Book Review HeaderLately, I’ve been watching more booktubers and getting into their videos, after Sarah recommending me many for the past few months! I’ve been watching more youtubers generally lately and I think that’s why I decided to venture into more bookish videos! Continue reading “Videos or Blog Posts? (Or both!)”

Favourite ‘BookTubers’

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I think what enhanced my obsession with books was my addiction to YouTube. I discovered the magical world of YouTube pretty late in my life (I think I was about 19) and suddenly became obsessed with people talking about books on there! There are so many incredible ‘BookTubers’ who host giveaways, record hauls, reviews and anything else you can image in front of a camera. Watching BookTuber’s is a pass time which allows me to relax but still think about novels and get me excited to read. After all, we all want to be excited to read!

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