Another Book Unhaul

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Following up my post the other day about having some serious book thoughts when browsing Waterstones, i decided to do another unhaul. I was thinking a few days ago about the amount of books that are on my shelves and the likeliness of me getting around to all of them. The chances are slim i’m telling you. So i really wanted to get the amount of books i own down, in hope it inspires me a little more to read the ones i have and the ones i’m most excited about.

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Book Unhaul

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An unhaul is exactly what it says, it’s the opposite of a book haul. I spend a lot of the posts on this blog hauling books what i’ve bought during the month or for a recent shopping trip, and that means that my TBR pile builds up significantly every month. Today it was time for a book unhaul! I find seeing what people unhaul just as exciting as watching hauls, so i figured i would share what i’m getting rid of.

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