Trigonometry BBC Two Review

Review HeaderThe two of us at The Little Contemporary Corner have recently watched a BBC Two series called Trigonometry and we absolutely adore it. It’s a fantastic show focusing on three people who develop a deep connection and fall in love with each other, depicting a positive and diverse representation of polyamory. We don’t normally write about TV shows but we both love it so much we had to write about it! Continue reading “Trigonometry BBC Two Review”

BEDM: The Gilmore Girls Book Tag

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I’ve spent a lot of time since Christmas watching Gilmore Girls. I never thought it would be my ‘thing’, however fell very quickly and deeply in love with the characters and Stars Hollow. I want to be in Gilmore Girls basically. I was browsing book tags and found the Gilmore Girls Book Tag. Why not combine books and Gilmore Girls in to one thing? My two loves and passions.

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Saved By The Bell by Chynna Clugson Flores

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I’ve been wanting to pick up the Saved by the Bell graphic novel for so long since its release. I was gifted it at Christmas by one of my friends and I’ve only just found the time to sit with it for a whole afternoon. Saved by the Bell was one of my favourite TV shows growing up (and still now, I won’t lie about my crush on 90’s Zach Morris) and reading this was definitely a blast from the past!

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