Top 5 Most Misleading Synopses

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I think we have all had that moment where we receive a book and the synopsis doesn’t sound great. Then one day, you decide to read it and it is amazing! On the other hand, I have also picked up books which sound brilliant and don’t live up to their synopsis. I am someone who often skim reads the back of books and this can lead to many shocks and surprises whilst reading! Here’s my top 5 for this week.

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Top 5 Books That Took You The Longest To Finish

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This weeks Top 5 Wednesday is the 5 books that have taken me the longest to finish. Now i’m a slow reader to start with, however we all have books that are so dull or we’re so bored by them that they take us so long to read! I tend to read half of a book, get bored and then continue months later after dipping in every so often. I hate being a slow reader, but when reading a book is an uphill battle, it gets a little harder!

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Top 5 Characters You Wouldn’t Want To Trade Places With

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This weeks Top 5 Wednesday is all the characters that you wouldn’t want to trade places with. I feel like most of these posts on this blog start with ‘i found this weeks really difficult’ but i DID find this weeks really difficult! It hard to think of five whole characters that you wouldn’t want to trade places with, because by nature, a lot of characters develop or go experience situations where you then think you would want to be in their situation. Even Draco has had some great moments in life (minus the evil and being punched). However, i put together some characters that i wouldn’t like to trade places with, here they are!

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Top 5 First Sentences

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Another week, another top 5 Wednesday! The theme this week is favourite first sentences of a book and as someone obsessed with quotes, I have been really excited to write this! Much like a first impression of a person, a lot can be said about the first impression a book gives you. The starting sentences are important – for me, I like to see how the character and their personality is shown to us. Here are some of my personal favourites.  Continue reading “Top 5 First Sentences”

Top 5 Authors You Are Waiting For Another Book From

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As readers, we are constantly in a state of waiting for books from our favourite authors. So naturally this list is pretty easy for most of us i think. There are so many authors that i adore that i have devoured their novels one after the other and have become a little lost when i have nothing else to read of theirs. Then starts the constantly waiting for updates on their Twitter accounts for a new novel release! Here are the authors that i will get down on my knees and beg for another book from.

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Top 5 Characters You’d Always Defend

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This was possibly the hardest Top 5 Wednesday post we had to make. It’s not easy thinking of characters you’d always defend when you generally read books that everyone loves. But alas we found some characters who we truly would defend to our dying days, ones that get so much hate we cannot help but stand up in front of a room full of people and protect our little angels. Okay that might be a little much, but we love them when no-one else will.

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