Sarah’s Shelf Help Readathon TBR

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If you missed our announcement earlier on in the week, we’ve created The Shelf Help Readathon with our friends Jaz and Sharn. You can check out the announcement and all the cool things on THIS post.

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To Be Read or not To Be Read… (BEDM)

Chat HeaderTBR piles are both a book blogger’s best friend and worst nightmare. Some people love having a TBR pile, some hate it and sometimes it just depends. I definitely fall into the just depends category as sometimes I love the structure of having a TBR for the near future but other times I feel constricted by it. Continue reading “To Be Read or not To Be Read… (BEDM)”

Reading Update

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I as of today have handed in all of the essays that I need to complete to finish my course. Yes that does in fact mean that I have completed a full English Language and Creative Writing course, I am rather proud of myself. Yes I need to wait for those grades to come back, and my last day in university isn’t until Wednesday when I have a presentation, but I’m already thinking about all the books I want to get to when I have so much more time to read without feeling guilty. And guess what? That time starts now!

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