To Be Read or not To Be Read… (BEDM)

chatTBR piles are both a book blogger’s best friend and worst nightmare. Some people love having a TBR pile, some hate it and sometimes it just depends. I definitely fall into the just depends category as sometimes I love the structure of having a TBR for the near future but other times I feel constricted by it. Continue reading



I’ve already written a pretty brief post about the YALC announcements in general and what i think of them this year. You can see that HERE if you’re interested, but i’ve not talked about authors i’m exciting about or books that i want to read before YALC this year.

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TBR 2017

My ‘to be read’ pile for 2017 seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and all i want when i look at my book shelves is to be able to inhale all the books so i can read everything faster (does anyone else get that feeling?). I have some books that have been on my TBR pile for years, and some new releases that i really hope to get around to in 2017.

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Reading Update

reading update

I as of today have handed in all of the essays that I need to complete to finish my course. Yes that does in fact mean that I have completed a full English Language and Creative Writing course, I am rather proud of myself. Yes I need to wait for those grades to come back, and my last day in university isn’t until Wednesday when I have a presentation, but I’m already thinking about all the books I want to get to when I have so much more time to read without feeling guilty. And guess what? That time starts now!

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