BEDM: Blurred Lines of YA

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This post actually came to me when me and Sophie were having a little bit of a rant about YA and in particular a very popular YA novel. It came to me just how blurred the lines of YA are. What’s acceptable in YA novels and what’s not and most importantly, what the ages of the protagonists are.

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January 2016 Book Haul

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January is officially the month of Christmas money being spend and book sales being enjoyed. Maybe this January I enjoyed my Christmas money and the book sales a little too much. Supposedly this month was the start of my book buying ban, however there were just too many great deals this month that I couldn’t pass up! So on that note, here’s my ridiculously big January book haul!

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The Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness


Book Review HeaderPatrick Ness is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors. I recently read A Monster Calls (terribly late I know) so as soon as I noticed The Rest of Us Just Live Here in shops on its release date I knew that I had to read it soon. Patrick Ness is becoming my go-to author – that author that no matter what you’re going to buy their book when it’s released. You might not know anything about the story or if it’s actually any good, but you trust their writing so much you invest early! I can honestly say that I’m very very glad that I trusted my instincts with The Rest of Us Just Live Here.

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August 2015 Book Haul

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I have been on a book buying ban along with my father for about eight months now. This ban means that I cannot buy books at all with my own money (I can accept gifts or use gift vouchers to buy books) and if I was to buy a book I’d have to buy one for my father too. So far this has been a pretty successful deal as us tight arses don’t want to spend money buying books for each other! However as August brought a family holiday and the end of summer, the ban had been lifted and we were free to buy books until our hearts were content – or wallets were empty!

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Thoughts On Girl Online & Ghost Writing

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I’ve never hidden the fact that I don’t have a great deal of respect for ridiculously famous YouTubers. Yes I watch YouTube and I even watch videos made by some of those that I don’t like admittedly. But I rarely choose to spend my money on their over-priced, irrelevant-to-career (can you call YouTube a career really?) merchandise. This means that all these books that are suddenly being released by YouTubers will most definitely not be making their way on to my shelf any time soon. Continue reading “Thoughts On Girl Online & Ghost Writing”