The Shelf Help Readathon Begins!

Readathon HeaderIf you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably seen us post a lot about the Shelf Help Readathon which we are co-hosting with Sharn and Jaz. Well, that little readathon starts TODAY and is happening until midnight on 31 May! We are so excited to begin and thought we would give a little reminder in this post of what is going on. Continue reading “The Shelf Help Readathon Begins!”

Sophie’s Shelf Help Readathon TBR

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I know we have both uploaded our TBRs for the Shelf Help Readathon today and you’ve probably read a similar line to this in Sarah’s post but in case you missed it, we are co-hosting a readathon with our pals Jaz and Sharn! I know we helped create it but I really love it and I’m so excited to start. Read on for a reminder of the details and to see what my reading intentions are for the readathon! Continue reading “Sophie’s Shelf Help Readathon TBR”


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My TBR pile is getting slightly (a lot) out of hand. I’m a slow reader and i enjoy buying books, so this is an awful combination. I’m also the type of person that likes to read the most popular thing at the moment, meaning a lot of books get left on my shelf for a few years at a time untouched. They pile up and i end up with a lot of books i forget about, or never think to read next. However i spend a lot of my time wondering what to read while staring at my ridiculously full shelves. It’s an endless cycle i’m telling you. That’s why i created myself a TBR jar.

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Why I Don’t Monthly TBR

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At the end of every month, as most bookish people online do, i write my monthly wrap-up of what i’ve read and also collect together my book haul for that month. However most people write their TBR at the beginning of the month. It’s usually about four or five books that they plan to read during that particular four weeks. However, you might notice that i do not write monthly TBR’s. Here’s why i don’t.

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