To Be Read or not To Be Read… (BEDM)

chatTBR piles are both a book blogger’s best friend and worst nightmare. Some people love having a TBR pile, some hate it and sometimes it just depends. I definitely fall into the just depends category as sometimes I love the structure of having a TBR for the near future but other times I feel constricted by it. Continue reading

Reading Sprints

This year in particular, I’ve been trying my best to find ways of reading more and keeping concentration on reading. Reading more productively if you will. This has always been my biggest downfall. When it comes to my TBR pile and hitting my yearly goals.

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YALC is getting ever closer and if you didn’t already know, i’m going to YALC! Unlike last year, i’m doing all three days with my bud Charlotte from Wonderfully Bookish. We’re going to have a right good time, and are definitely feeling the reading pressure right now.

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My TBR pile is getting slightly (a lot) out of hand. I’m a slow reader and i enjoy buying books, so this is an awful combination. I’m also the type of person that likes to read the most popular thing at the moment, meaning a lot of books get left on my shelf for a few years at a time untouched. They pile up and i end up with a lot of books i forget about, or never think to read next. However i spend a lot of my time wondering what to read while staring at my ridiculously full shelves. It’s an endless cycle i’m telling you. That’s why i created myself a TBR jar.

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Why I Don’t Monthly TBR

At the end of every month, as most bookish people online do, i write my monthly wrap-up of what i’ve read and also collect together my book haul for that month. However most people write their TBR at the beginning of the month. It’s usually about four or five books that they plan to read during that particular four weeks. However, you might notice that i do not write monthly TBR’s. Here’s why i don’t.

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TBR 2017

My ‘to be read’ pile for 2017 seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and all i want when i look at my book shelves is to be able to inhale all the books so i can read everything faster (does anyone else get that feeling?). I have some books that have been on my TBR pile for years, and some new releases that i really hope to get around to in 2017.

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Top 5 Books You Finally Want To Read In 2017


As it is coming towards the end of the year now (yikes!) it means we all need to start thinking about those books that we’ve been meaning to get to all year, or possibly years, that we DEFINITELY will get to in 2017. I’m without a doubt someone who always, always puts off reading books, thinking i’ll get to it eventually, 2017 is not my year for that! I will tackle those books i’ve been meaning to read for a long time, and here are the top 5 books that i want to get to.

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