Top 5 Book Theme Songs

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This weeks Top 5 Wednesday post is the top 5 songs that you associate with certain books. This can be something that is a part of the movie adaptation of the book, a song you were listening to at the time of reading, a song that fits with a tone of a book or lyrics that match the story. I personally do not really associate songs to books because I cannot listen to music while I read at all, but I thought this might be interesting. I tend to associate music to time periods in my life and events, I’m not sure how this will work with books!

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Top 5 Characters You’d Always Defend

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This was possibly the hardest Top 5 Wednesday post we had to make. It’s not easy thinking of characters you’d always defend when you generally read books that everyone loves. But alas we found some characters who we truly would defend to our dying days, ones that get so much hate we cannot help but stand up in front of a room full of people and protect our little angels. Okay that might be a little much, but we love them when no-one else will.

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Top 5 Characters You Are Most Like

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We all want to be like characters from books, some of them are so great we really do want to be that hero in the story. However in reality I share very little in common with a lot of characters, this is probably one of the most difficult top 5 Wednesday’s I’ve had to complete because I find I have very little in common with characters in reality.

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Top 5 Books With ‘Hard’ Topics

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One of my favourite things to read are books that are based around characters that portray a difficulty. Whether this is sexual assault, mental health issues whatever. If a book is very well written with a difficult topic in mind, it usually ends up to be an incredible book! Here are my top 5 reads that have harder topics than average.

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Top 5 Rainy Day Books

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I’ve started to get involved with the ‘Top 5 Wednesday’ trend and here is the first! The first Wednesday in April is your top 5 rainy day books. I personally love a rainy day with nothing better to do than read. Something that captures your attention so you don’t want to leave the world you’re in! Here are my top 5 books for staying in and getting cosy when it’s rainy!

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