Top 5 Gateway Books

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This weeks Top 5 Wednesday is my top 5 gateway books. A ‘gateway book’ is a book that introduces you to a genre. These are books that are easy to read and compass a certain genre easily so that the person entering that genre can get a good idea of what it is about. I really love reading gateway books because they always introduce you to new things, similarly i like hearing what others favourite gateway books are, it generally gives you a good idea of what the person likes and they’re interested in. Instead of doing my gateway books in to a specific genre, i’m going to be telling you all my top 5 books that are gateways in to graphic novels!

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Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction

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Sex Criminals is a graphic novel that centres on Suzie and Jon and their ability to stop time after orgasm. After finding each other and coming to terms with the fact they both have this magical ability, they decide to put their power to good use. Rob banks.

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