December Wrap-Up 2019

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How is it the last month of the year already?! I’m already writing my wrap-up for the end of the year and that feels ridiculous! I ended my year on a high with reading though, with a lot of graphic novels that i’d been meaning to get through. Let’s take a look at what i read in December.

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January 2019 Wrap-Up

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It’s the start of a new year and nice clear reading slate has begun! I really love the new year for the opportunity to read the very best books you can and choose a whole new year of reading. I also get quite obsessive about what my first reads of the year will be, here are the ones i chose this year…

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May 2018 Wrap-Up

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I was aiming to have a great reading month in May. The pressure of my YALC TBR staring at me every day is getting quite intense and i’m ready to get a lot of that knocked off my list. Admittedly, i started the month a little rocky in a bit of a reading slump, but i managed to pull it back and actually started to read pretty quickly towards the end of the month thanks to some of my new favourite books. Here’s what i managed to read in May.

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February 2018 Wrap-Up

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After my average reading month in January i really wanted to pick up the pace a little in Feburary and start meeting my reading challenge targets. Sadly that’s not really happened. I’ve read enough to make me feel as though i’ve been productive, but not enough to make me hit those targets. I’m using my birthday and a holiday as a definite excuse for this behaviour. Next month i’ll have to read plenty of short books i think!

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August 2017 Wrap-Up

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August is the first month after YALC, which means i’m naturally more likely to want to read and i can pick any book from my book shelf without worrying if that author is attending YALC or not and i want to get the book signed. So, i’ve had a pretty good reading month. It’s been like walking in to a book shop and pulling whatever i wanted off the shelves, but in my own home, it’s a whole sense of freedom i forget existed (Dramatic? Probably not).

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Best Books Of The Year (So Far)

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There’s no time like the middle of the year to think about what you’ve read so far and what you loved. I’ve always done monthly wrap-ups and yearly round-ups of what i’ve read, what my ratings were and my favourites. However, i figured i may as well throw a post in mid-year about what i absolutely adored from this year so far. It might give you a little inspiration as to what to read for the next six months!

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September Wrap-Up

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Admittedly, i’ve had a really bad reading month in September. I’ve also had a really bad blogging month. A lot has been going on from friends staying, concerts, settling in to jobs and being ill (a lot) i’ve had next to no time to do anything, and the last thing i wanted to do was sit down and read. It didn’t help that i ended up reading a book that quite frankly i found to be crap. It put me in a little bit of a slump, so not much else was read. After a few exciting book shopping trips, i’ve now got some books that i’m really excited to be getting around to! Lets hope October is a much better month. For now, here’s what i read in September.

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