History Of My Bookshelf Tag

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Like many bookish tags, i wasn’t tagged in this, i just think it’s really cool and wanted to try it out. The History Of My Bookshelf tag was created by Emmmabooks on YouTube, and it’s all about the history of your shelves, your past reads and how your shelves have developed over the years.

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The Fifty Bookish Questions Book Tag

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We were tagged in this by my lovely best friend, Shannan over at Twenty Something And Day Dreaming (i’ve done some writing before for her and her blog is generally really great so you should check it out) and i’ve been itching to get my answers out! This tag is what it says on the tin, fifty different questions about books you’re reading, you’ve read in the past and your favourite books. It’s a kind of ‘get to know me as a reader’ tag. I’m excited to share my answers with you, but before i do, you should check out Shannan’s answers.

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