How Is My YALC TBR going?

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It’s just over a month until YALC now, which is no time whatsoever and naturally i’m having a huge panic about my TBR. As the author announcements were a little late this year, it’s been more of a panic than usual to get my reading in order and figure out what i want to read before the event. So after a couple of months, here’s how my TBR is going…

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My TBR pile is getting slightly (a lot) out of hand. I’m a slow reader and i enjoy buying books, so this is an awful combination. I’m also the type of person that likes to read the most popular thing at the moment, meaning a lot of books get left on my shelf for a few years at a time untouched. They pile up and i end up with a lot of books i forget about, or never think to read next. However i spend a lot of my time wondering what to read while staring at my ridiculously full shelves. It’s an endless cycle i’m telling you. That’s why i created myself a TBR jar.

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Summer Reading Goals

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Both of us have a lot of books on our TBR piles that we want to get around to in the next few months over summer. Summer feels like the perfect time to read as the world seems to slow down a little in the heat and there is much more time in the day to sit tight with a book. We’re both hoping that we can get plenty of reading done, so here are some of the books that we think we’ll be able to get around to! Continue reading “Summer Reading Goals”