Bookish Interactions With Strangers (BEDM)


One of my favourite things about being a reader is that you can make so many connections with people in public about what you’re reading. I know readers are solitary creatures, but occasionally someone will surprise you in public and make a conversation about something you’re reading or a book reference. I wanted to talk about a few of my stand out moments of being a public reader.

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The Fifty Bookish Questions Book Tag

We were tagged in this by my lovely best friend, Shannan over at Twenty Something And Day Dreaming (i’ve done some writing before for her and her blog is generally really great so you should check it out) and i’ve been itching to get my answers out! This tag is what it says on the tin, fifty different questions about books you’re reading, you’ve read in the past and your favourite books. It’s a kind of ‘get to know me as a reader’ tag. I’m excited to share my answers with you, but before i do, you should check out Shannan’s answers.

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Bookish Confessions

One of my favourite posts to read are the bookish confessions posts. These are the posts in which readers reveal their deepest and darkest, often most embarrassing secrets when it comes to reading (and honestly, the ones they’re most ashamed of). They’re often quite hilarious, shameful and full of personal facts that i love learning about other book bloggers. So here you go, here are my 20 bookish confessions.

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The Book That Made Me A Reader

Everyone has a book that made them a reader. A lot of people would say a childhood favourite, maybe Harry Potter, maybe something a little more fantasy based. But what i’m saying is that everyone has that book that makes them in to a die hard reader. The book that starts it all.

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The OTP Book Tag

We all have OTP’s. Whether they are in movies, TV shows or books, we all have couples who we think are destined to be together, whether they are canon or not and we often express our love for these couples in strange and wonderful ways. In our lives, we’ve had many OTP’s, so we thought we’d share some of them with the OTP book tag!

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