The Books That Changed My Life

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Everyone has the books that changed their lives. Or at least, book lovers have books that have changed their lives. For many reasons people have important books. Books that you love just because you love them, a book that deeply effected you or a book that simply changed the way you think. I have a few books that have most definitely altered my life in some way. Here are the books that have changed my life.

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The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch – Review

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Read this book. If it’s the only book you read this week, this year, this life time, i urge you to make this book the one. It takes quite a lot for a book to impact me as much as this one has, but it has so many incredible life lessons, teamed with a fantastic, tragic story that it’s hard not to learn something. This book is so important, i have no idea why more people are not aware of it.

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