BEDM: Pottermore Sorting


I know Sarah recently did a Pottermore re-sorting and I wanted to join the trend! Mypottermore.png friend Charlotte over at Wonderfully Bookish also did a similar post and I loved her post format so I’m slightly stealing it! I love Pottermore mainly because of the beautiful illustrations and the extra info, like what the Hufflepuff common room looks like or individual pages for each character. It’s basically an encyclopaedia now, which I adore.  Continue reading


Pottermore Sorting

Remember Pottermore? Every Potterhead was sent in to a spin a few years back when the promise of this amazing site Pottermore was announced. Well it’s had a revamp and you can now find out your own personal Patronus! Here at The Little Contemporary Corner, we’re all massive Harry Potter fans, so when it was announced that there were new features added to Pottermore, i resigned myself up (yes) and took the test to find out what animal would be my Patronus. I also retook my House Sorting test, my Ilvermorny House test and found out my Wand!

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Harry Potter Illustrated Edition

Yesterday the day was officially upon us, it was the release of the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and Philosophers Stone! Continue reading