Podcast Series: My Dad Wrote a Porno – Blogtober

podcastsI think I’ve only posted about two of these so far but I’ve been getting more and more into podcasts (something I probably reiterate in all of these posts!). Today’s is about my most recent podcast fave, My Dad Wrote a Porno which I am absolutely obsessed with. Continue reading

Podcast Series: #WizardTeam (BEDM)

With my long commutes to work, I’ve been reading a lot more but also listening to more podcasts. AGES ago I did a post called Podcast Series where I planned to start talking about podcasts I enjoy; bookish or other. I didn’t follow through but I’m back with it again now! I’ve struggled to know when I am best listening to podcasts and I’ve now cracked it and it’s best when I’m travelling or walking. This post is about one of my current favourites! Continue reading

10 Things to Consider as a Podcasting Newbie (Blogmas)


Hi! I’m Charlotte from Wonderfully Bookish, where I write about books, films, and and host a bookish podcast. A podcast is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now, and this year, I finally took the plunge. It’s been a lot of long and hard work, but it’s so worth it!

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