Winters' Snow: An On The Other Side Novella (Paperback)Title: Winters Snow

Author: Carrie Hope Fletcher

Genre: Novella, Romance, Fiction

Pages: 42

Publication Date: 18th November 2016

Publisher: Little Brown

Summary: Now, Vincent has the chance to make right a mistake from his past and to potentially alter the course of events in his and Evie’s favour. While doing so, he realises he has embarked on a journey that will teach him all about love, life and humanity; but one thing he does not know for sure is whether it will lead him back to the only woman he ever loved.

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Lessons We Could Learn From Evie Snow


It’s the first Monday of the month (Christmas month! Ahh) so that means that it’s time to continue our series of “Lessons To Be Learned From…”. This weeks addition to the collection is Evie Snow from Carrie Hope Fletcher’s On The Other Side.

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Top 5 Characters You’d Want As Family

This weeks Top 5 Wednesday is the characters you think you’d want in your family. Thinking about this was a little strange,  you constantly think about the characters that you want to be friends with, the ones you connect most with when you’re reading, but I especially don’t think about the character I’d wish were family. This took a lot of thought, but here are my answers!

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