The Taste Of Blue Light by Lydia Ruffles

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The Taste of Blue Light was recommended to me by so many people it was hard not to pick it up. When Lydia got announced for YALC i knew that i should probably start this book sooner rather than later, and i’m really glad i didn’t leave it sitting on my TBR pile for long.

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Genuine Fraud by E Lockhart – Review (Blogmas)

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I had such high hopes for this long anticipated novel after reading We Were Liers a couple of years ago. I adored that book and hearing E Lockhart talk at YALC made me more excited for the release of Genuine Fraud.

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Blackbird by ND Gomes – Review

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I received an Advanced Readers Copy of Blackbird i exchange for an honest review.

I’ve had my eye on ND Gomes as an author for quite a while. Dear Charlie was her first release last year, and i always found it had an interesting story-arc. When i released ARC’s of Blackbird were circling, i jumped at the chance to grab one.

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