March 2019 Wrap-Up


March has been a surprisingly good reading month for me! I had a little bit of a dip in reading in February, and i managed to pull it back and read a lot in March, and a lot of books that i ended up really loving.

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March 2017 Wrap-Up

I had an absolutely shocking reading month in February, you’d know that if you keep up with our blog at all. I aimed to have a much better reading month in March and i definitely have done. I mean it wasn’t overly difficult to be completely honest. I’m happy with what i’ve read and i’m a little more on track to achieving my yearly goal for 2017!

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After last month’s absolutely tragic reading month (to be fair, I had to write a dissertation and it was my 21st birthday) I wanted to make this month an absolutely brilliant reading month! The first three weeks of the month were filled completely with Uni work, however once March the 18th hit I had a new wave of freedom and I had time to actually sit down and read! I’d forgotten what that feeling was like!

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