A Change is Gonna Come Readalong (Day 9)

Readalong HeaderIt’s day 9 of our read-along which means we only have four left including today’s! In case you’ve somehow missed it on our blog and twitter (where have you been?) we are doing a read-along blog tour of the BAME anthology, A Change is Gonna Come. Im absolutely loving the book so far – I’ve found something in each and every story or poem that I love, and that’s such a wonderful feeling. Continue reading “A Change is Gonna Come Readalong (Day 9)”

YALC 2017 – Book Haul

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My YALC book haul from last year looks extremely disappointing next to this years. I made sure when i was there that i set myself a limit on how much i wanted to spend, only got books i really wanted and let myself grab some ARCs i might not normally read to try out some new genres. I met all those criteria, but i still ended up with a lot of books…

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Books To Read At University

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If you’re a uni student like i am, you know that your whole world is taken over by (quite frankly boring) academic reading! As much as your try and pretend that you absolutely love your subject more than anything else in the whole entire world, when you’re reading that paper at midnight on how sentences are put together, you really start to loathe it! This is why to ensure you take a break from the manic world of academic reading, these top 5 books that should only be read while you’re at Uni will give you a well-deserved break!

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How To Be Both Read-Along Day 6

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This is my last update of our How To Be Both read-along and i feel like the week has gone so fast! Me and Sophie been updating you all week on our thoughts and feelings towards Ali Smith’s best seller and it’s almost time for us to wrap up our opinions! If you want to see the posts that we’ve previously written, they are HERE.

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Top 5 Favourite Literary Fathers/Father Figures

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There are so very few fathers or father figures in novels that make a big impact, and it’s quite sad. I really wish there were more fathers involved in novels, they can be such a figure of support and make me really happy when i read about their relationship with their children. I always like the fathers in novels that remind me the most of my dad, I think I like reading about him personified in to different characters. Well here is my little list of my favourite fathers or father figures in novels!

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March 2016 Book Haul

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In the month of March I was supposed to acquire no new books. That’s a final total of zero books, nothing, nada, zilch. Do we think that’s happened? No it has not. I was going very strong on my book ban this month until the shop that I work in (book shop, obviously) was having a sale: everything in the store was 99p. That is not something I could pass up so quickly grabbed all the fiction I’d been wanting for a while that they had in stock. Whereas I’m sad I actually purchased books, I don’t really regret it at all. So this haul isn’t huge, and I managed to get books that I’d been really really wanting to read. It’s not all bad.

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Thoughts on Literary Tastes Changing

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As we get older and discover new things it’s natural that our reading tastes change. As I didn’t start reading a great deal until I was in my late teens, I haven’t overly noticed my tastes changing from novel to novel. Of course as I’ve gotten to 19 and 20 years old I’ve liked a more mature novel than I did when I was sixteen, and I started to learn the kinds of things I really did enjoy. But I’ve only just started to go through my first major fiction taste change. And it kind of scared me.

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