Under Appreciated Authors – Lisa Heathfield

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My pal Charlotte, at Wonderfully Bookish persuaded me a long time ago to pick up Lisa Heathfield’s books. I started with Flight Of A Starling, and she kept encouraging me to pick more and more books up by Lisa. I didn’t need a whole bunch of persuading after my first book by her, but i do want to talk a little bit about how i think she’s incredibly underappreciated.

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I Am Not A Number by Lisa Heathfield – Blogtober

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Lisa Heathfield has been one of my auto-buy authors since i picked up Flight of a Starling a couple of years ago. Her writing is absolutely stunning and always covers some more intense topics which i really appreciate. I couldn’t have been happier to see her return to YALC this year with her latest release, I Am Not A Number, and i definitely couldn’t wait to pick it up.

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Flight Of A Starling by Lisa Heathfield – Review

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Lisa Heathfield is an author that seems to have passed me by. None of her books have instantly stood out to me and i’ve never bought one before. That was until Charlotte from Wonderfully Bookish told me to read Paper Butterflies, and then very quickly afterwards told me to read Fight Of A Starling. I bought myself a copy of Flight Of A Starling going in a little blind, i had very little idea of the story, and wasn’t overly intrigued. Does anyone else ever find their favourite books that way?

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