Me Before You – Book vs Movie

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There is always the age old question when you find out a book has a movie deal that is

“Is it actually going to do it justice?”

We all know that there are plenty of movie adaptations that have not done the book justice at all (*cough* I Am Number Four) but there are plenty that excel all expectations and make a reader beyond happy when they see their favourite story come to life on the screen. Me Before You was definitely one of those for me.

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Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

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Louisa Clark is a bit stuck with her life. She has a boyfriend who thinks a running track is more attractive than her, she still lives with her parents, the only job she’s ever had in six years has sacked her and you can’t buy yellow and black stripy tights for adults. That is until she meets Will. Will is a quadriplegic who is a little bit stuck as well. He hates his life, he hates relying on people to look after him. And Louisa has just six months to change his mind.

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