Under-Read and Over-Represented

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When i was looking over my shelves i realised that i have a lot of books by a lot of authors, but magically haven’t read too much buy them. I think a lot of people get in to the habit of buying books by popular authors and forgetting they have five other copies of their work, un-read on their shelves. I am definitely one of those people. It’s easy to get in to a habit of buying a lot of books by one author when you’ve heard they’re really good, you check a few months later and you have seven books by someone and haven’t read one. Here’s my under-read and over-represented list.

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Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Jill Mansell

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I’ve had Don’t Want To Miss A Thing (along with a hell of a lot more of Jill Mansell’s novels) on my book shelf for quite some time. I picked up this one when I was in the mood for a lighter read that was a little more predictable and lovey. I wasn’t disappointed.

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