The Crimes Of Grindelwald – Movie Chat

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There has been a lot of talk about this movie in the last few months, mostly bad, but some good. It hindered my thoughts of the movie going in to it, and honestly i had a bad taste in my mouth before i even stepped in to the cinema screen. But i wanted to try it out.

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BEDM: Pottermore Sorting

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I know Sarah recently did a Pottermore re-sorting and I wanted to join the trend! My friend Charlotte over at Wonderfully Bookish also did a similar post and I loved her post format so I’m slightly stealing it! I love Pottermore mainly because of the beautiful illustrations and the extra info, like what the Hufflepuff common room looks like or individual pages for each character. It’s basically an encyclopaedia now, which I adore.  Continue reading “BEDM: Pottermore Sorting”

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Book VS Movie

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The time has come when i feel like everyone who wants to has read or seen Fantastic Beasts by J.K. Rowling. It has easily been one of the biggest movies of the year as we were thrust back in to the Wizarding World, something we have all be hoping for, for a long time. I managed to see the movie during the first weekend of its release, and i’ve recently just finished the screenplay. Here are my thoughts on both of them, what i liked and didn’t and what my hopes are for this world! (Contains spoilers).

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Pottermore Sorting

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Remember Pottermore? Every Potterhead was sent in to a spin a few years back when the promise of this amazing site Pottermore was announced. Well it’s had a revamp and you can now find out your own personal Patronus! Here at The Little Contemporary Corner, we’re all massive Harry Potter fans, so when it was announced that there were new features added to Pottermore, i resigned myself up (yes) and took the test to find out what animal would be my Patronus. I also retook my House Sorting test, my Ilvermorny House test and found out my Wand!

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Waterstones ‘Book Of The Year’ Short List

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Waterstones have finally released their ‘Book Of The Year’ short list for 2016. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this list, wondering what books would grace the prestigious list this year. If you’re unaware, the bookseller Waterstones announce their ‘Book Of The Year’ towards the end of each year. These are the books that have sold the best, have the greatest reviews, and are the most loved. They are also some of the books that have had the biggest impact in the past year. The winner will be announced on December the 1st. Here is the short list:

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Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets Illustrated Edition

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The illustrated edition of Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets has recently been released. It was announced last year that a new illustrated edition of the novels will be released over the next seven years, one a year. 2015 saw the release of The Philosophers Stone and 2016 we have had The Chamber Of Secrets. These novels are the perfect addition to any Harry Potter lovers book shelf. I received mine in the post yesterday so here’s a little sneak peek of what’s inside.

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Lessons We Could Learn From Hermione Granger

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This is the second post in the ‘Lessons we can learn from…’ series! Last month, Sarah wrote about what she has learnt from Holden Caulfield (check it out!) and this month I have taken over to write about my first fictional love, Hermione Granger. These posts aren’t always going to be protagonists or main characters, but any characters we feel we have learnt things from. Continue reading “Lessons We Could Learn From Hermione Granger”