Post-Christmas Book Haul

I have been lucky enough after Christmas to have quite a bit of time and money to get myself some books. Obviously, it’s my favourite way to pass time, so i have done a little bit of book shopping since Christmas, and picked up some things i’m incredibly excited for.

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Pre-Christmas Book Haul

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and wrote a blog post. My brain has been scrambled and honestly, I’ve barely been reading lately. I cannot remember the last book I read! That’s why my big post back is a haul of books I certainly didn’t need.

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Bookshelf Burns Candle Co – Ignite Your Imagination

We’re very fond of a small bookish independant business over here, especially once that smells incredible and has the most adorable packaging. I want to share with you some new products i’ve found by a company called Bookshelf Burns. You can catch them over on INSTAGRAM.
This post is not sponsored, however i have been gifted the products i am talking about.

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