Top 5 Books You Want to See as TV Shows


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For Top 5 Wednesday this week, I had to think of books I would like to see as TV shows. So many books are adapted, mostly into films. However, TV adaptations are growing in scale and can be much more satisfying. They give much more time to fit in detailed character development and various storylines that would be erased in a film. I enjoyed writing this one so much! Continue reading “Top 5 Books You Want to See as TV Shows”

Top 5 Books I’ll Never Read

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This weeks Top 5 Wednesday is books that i’ll never read. This was quite a difficult list to make because there aren’t a whole lot of books that i’m sure that i’ll never read. I try and be quite open with my opinions, more so now than ever because some of my favourite books in the past few years have been out of my comfort zone. However, i’m sure everyone has a few books that they know they will never ever pick up, here are mine.

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Top 5 Books I Want To Read By The End Of The Year

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Every year i set myself the goal of books that i want to get read before the end of the year, does it ever work out that way? Of course it doesn’t! This year i’ve had (once again) a clear idea of what i wanted to get read before the end of the year, some of it i’ve stuck to so far, and some of it i haven’t. This weeks Top 5 Wednesday is the top 5 books that i want to get read before the end of the year. Hopefully once this has gone up and public i might actually stick to it!

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Top 5 First Sentences

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Another week, another top 5 Wednesday! The theme this week is favourite first sentences of a book and as someone obsessed with quotes, I have been really excited to write this! Much like a first impression of a person, a lot can be said about the first impression a book gives you. The starting sentences are important – for me, I like to see how the character and their personality is shown to us. Here are some of my personal favourites.  Continue reading “Top 5 First Sentences”

Top 5 Authors You Are Waiting For Another Book From

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As readers, we are constantly in a state of waiting for books from our favourite authors. So naturally this list is pretty easy for most of us i think. There are so many authors that i adore that i have devoured their novels one after the other and have become a little lost when i have nothing else to read of theirs. Then starts the constantly waiting for updates on their Twitter accounts for a new novel release! Here are the authors that i will get down on my knees and beg for another book from.

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Top 5 Books You Feel Differently About

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The first Top 5 Wednesday of this month is all about the books that you feel differently about after either a re-read or time to reflect after reading. I don’t re-read an awfully big amount of books, so this felt like a struggle to me, and i rarely think different about books a while after i’ve read them (unless i’m feeling like ‘i can’t remember what the hell happened?!’). Either way, here are my 5 books that i now feel differently towards than i did before.

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