Eve Of Man by Giovanna & Tom Fletcher

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*A big thanks to a pal Kimi for letting me read her advanced copy of this book!*

For any of you who are new around here, i absolutely adore the entire Fletcher family. Every single one of them. Having read every book that Tom and Giovanna have released separately now, i thought that Eve Of Man would be my absolute dream book. I wish i hadn’t have found it so ‘meh’.

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Top 5 Non-Canon Ships

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It’s Top 5 Wednesday day again! I don’t know where the weeks go because i’m always shocked when it’s time to put up my Wednesday post again! Well this weeks topic is top t non-canon ships. For those of you that don’t spend all your time on the internet, this means the couples that you ‘ship’ that are not actually together in the book. So it could be the main character and their best friend, instead of the main character and their boyfriend/girlfriend. You could even let your heart run wild and ship people from two different worlds or series. I usually stick to what’s written with the pairings that i like in novels, so i’ve had to rack my brains for this one!

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Lessons We Could Learn From … Sophie May

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This series is going to continue on the first Monday of every month with a new character in which we think has a lesson or two to teach (or at least, we’ve learnt something from reading their stories).

This weeks addition is Sophie May from Giovanna Fletcher’s novels Billy and Me and Always With Love, including her novella staring Sophie, Christmas With Billy and Me. Sophie is such a kind and compassionate person it’s hard not to love her. Giovanna writes her in such a way that everyone is drawn to Sophie, you really do want to be her best friend.

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Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher

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Billy and Me is not a new novel, but it is one that i cannot help but keep coming back to as i dive in to the world of Sophie and Billy again and again. I released i’ve read it so many times but not actually reviewed it yet. The cause for my reread this time is the upcoming release of Always With Love, which is set to give us more antics from my favourite literary couple.

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Always With Love Pre-Order – 2nd June 2016

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Giovanna Fletcher has already made a name for herself in the contemporary market with her novels Billy and Me, You’re The One That I Want and Dream A Little Dream. We are a contemporary blog, I love romance stories, and that means that Giovanna’s new release ‘Always With Love’ is right at the top of my anticipated books for this year list!

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My Favourite Literary Friendships – Happy 21st Birthday Sarah!

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Today my best friend and founder of this blog turns 21 and I wanted to celebrate by writing a post for her. So I have decided to write a list of my favourite fictional friendships and when I was thinking about it, it turns out this list features most of my favourite books! Clearly, well written friendships are an important factor for me in a book.

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