Birthday Book Haul – Feburary 2019

I’ll give myself any excuse to buy books, and February’s was that my birthday is actually in February. I also wanted to stop doing regular book hauls (as of right now i’m on a ban anyway) so this is just an accumulation of the books that i got around the time of my birthday.

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I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas with families and friends, and lets face it, i also hope Santa left some nice books for you on the 25th. I had a really great Christmas, shut off from the world with my nearest and dearest and to be honest, did a lot of lazing around reading. I also happened to get a lot of great books for Christmas.

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Every year when you think you’ve done your Christmas shopping, there’s always that moment of realisation when you know you have one last minute gift to buy! If that gift is for someone who adores books then I’ve made a list of perfect books to give to your loved ones this Christmas!

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