After the Fire by Will Hill (BEDM)

32327972682_0c6dc7959d_bI picked this up before NYALitFest as Will Hill was going to be there and I thought this book sounded really interesting and quite different. I’m morbidly fascinated by cults (I think most people who I’ve spoken to are) and this is all about a young girl who was in a cult dealing with life straight after a huge disaster. Continue reading

Leah On the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli (Blogmas)


After reading Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, I was both content and gutted because I loved it but also it was over! Me and Sarah both decided to take Leah On The Offbeat to Amsterdam on our trip away and it was the best decision! It’s a fun read and it was so lovely to be back into a familiar world full of characters I adore. Continue reading

Book Unhaul

An unhaul is exactly what it says, it’s the opposite of a book haul. I spend a lot of the posts on this blog hauling books what i’ve bought during the month or for a recent shopping trip, and that means that my TBR pile builds up significantly every month. Today it was time for a book unhaul! I find seeing what people unhaul just as exciting as watching hauls, so i figured i would share what i’m getting rid of.

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Old Books VS New Books

We all have our preferences when it comes to book buying. Whether you like to buy your books new and clean from a shop or you hunt for bargains in a charity shop or second hand store. We all have our own thoughts on how we like our books to look. Recently i have been acquiring books more and more from charity shops or second hand. Mainly because they are a lot cheaper to buy and it means i’m saving a little bit of money. This post is a bit of a chat about where we get our books and if it should matter if the spine is cracked or there are folds in the pages.

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July Book Haul 2016

I think i’m going to revert back to doing monthly book hauls, instead of my ‘mini book haul’s that i’ve been doing more recently. This makes more sense instead of putting hauls up every so often, you can all expect one at the end of the month! I am still officially on a book buying ban, but the deal is, if anything is released that is 1) Harry Potter, 2) by The Fletcher’s i’m allowed to buy or pre-order it. So obviously my dad takes advantage of this and has a ‘free book day’ meaning we can buy books on the release date! So i’ve taken advantage of that this July, along with some of the presents that i’ve had for graduation! Here’s all the books that i got in the month of July.

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