February 2020 Book Haul – The Book Haul That Never Should Have Been


Happy book haul! I’ve been on a little bit of a buying ban for a while – i say a while, i really mean it’s been about six weeks – and i’m back with another haul, a haul that definitely shouldn’t have been a haul. I was determined to not buy books, read from my back list and be really good at the moment. That hasn’t happened and i’m back in a tricky place with my TBR and the fact that it’s huge.

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February 2016 Book Haul

Last month my book haul was pretty big with the excuse that there was January sales and I had Christmas money to spend! I didn’t see this month’s being any lighter because of my 21st birthday being imminent and all my friends obviously know that I love reading. I wish I could say I have a small book haul for you and my shelves aren’t falling apart from the weight of new books. But sadly that is true. I was lucky enough to receive a lot of books for my birthday and find some really cheap deals myself. If I was you I’d grab a snack or a drink before sitting down to finish this post!

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