The Fantastic Way Alice Oseman Writes Fandoms

Chat HeaderI have a strange relationship with fandoms and struggle to find words to describe how I feel. The best representation I have ever seen of fandoms is in Alice Oseman’s works, particularly I Was Born For This and Radio Silence. I co-read Radio Silence with a few friends recently and we all decided to write a different post celebrating Alice and her work (which we obviously all love!). I decided I had to write about the portrayal of fandoms – it’s a topic I’m very passionate about and I couldn’t wait to write down my thoughts. Continue reading “The Fantastic Way Alice Oseman Writes Fandoms”

Auto-Buy Authors

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Every reader has authors that they auto-buy, whether that’s a good or bad thing for our TBR piles! Having auto-buy authors means that as soon as that author releases a new book, you’d buy it without question. If you see a book of theirs you haven’t read, you’d buy it straight away. Even if the story does not seem that appealing to you, you’d pick it up and try the story anyway. These are the writers that have made us connect with their stories so quickly that you cannot help but want to get lost in their worlds again and again.

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