I Have No Secrets by Penny Joelson

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I picked up Penny Joelson’s debut novel ahead of YALC this year, knowing she was attending. Admittedly, i knew absolutely nothing going in to this book. I’d read the back and although it reveals it’s a mystery, it doesn’t give much more information. However, when you start reading, it reveals a lot quickly.

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The Girl In Between by Sarah Carroll – Review

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I picked up The Girl In Between knowing absolutely nothing about it except that Sarah Carroll was one of the authors who had been announced for YALC. The premise sounded interesting so i thought i’d give it a go.

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One by Sarah Crossan

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Bloomsbury were kind enough to send me “One” by Sarah Crossan for review last week after I’d seen the cover floating around online. I had very little (okay no) idea what it was actually about and wanted to dive straight in as soon as I found out it was a story about the conjoined twins, Grace and Tippi. Never before had I read anything quite like this, the idea of it seemed exciting and unusual and those are the two things I look for in a book!

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My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

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My Life Next Door is a classic young/new adult contemporary Romance – boy meets girl and they fall in love. Sam Reed lives next door to the Garretts, a family of eight children that her mother frowns upon form the shiny windows of their perfect home. After years of watching them, Sam finally comes face to face with the third oldest, Jase. Jase and Sam go on a journey of learning lessons about life, love and family with some tough decisions to face with their parents. Continue reading “My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick”