Doing It by Hannah Witton – Review

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Sophie has already done a review of this book and a little summary of the author event she attended (you can find that HERE), however i loved it so much i cannot help but write up my own thoughts on Doing It. 

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BEDM: Doing It! by Hannah Witton – Live Tour and Book Review

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I started watching Hannah Witton on YouTube just over six months ago and she’s one of about four YouTubers I watch. I find her content really fun and interesting as well as educational – something which I haven’t usually found before! It’s kind of important to note here that I don’t usually watch many YouTubers – I’m certain there are many engaging and educational people but I just haven’t watched and expanded my knowledge of them! I’ve read her book, Doing It!, and watched her live show so this post is kind of a two in one review; I think it will be good to review them in relation to each other!  Continue reading “BEDM: Doing It! by Hannah Witton – Live Tour and Book Review”