Nothing Ever Happens Here by Sarah Hagger-Holt


* The book discussed in this post was gifted by the publisher.

I have constant faith in Usbourne books. They’re fantastic, inclusive and usually just an absolute dream to read. When i heard about Nothing Ever Happens Here, I knew it would be something i absolutely loved and wanted to share with you all.

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LGBTQ+ Book Club – Birthday

Our most recent Book Club meeting was last Thursday and we chatted about Birthday by Meredith Russo. It was quite an exciting one as we were sent some wonderful things by Usborne YA to decorate our space and give out to those who joined us. This post will be a little update about what we spoke about, our thoughts and responses from our new Google form! Continue reading

Dumplin’ Film Chat (BEDM)

Now, I haven’t actually read Dumplin’ but I watched the film on Netflix the other day and I absolutely loved it. A lot of people have recommended me both the book and the film adaptation but I just never fully fancied it. I wasn’t sure if I’d be a fan. However, I’m now right on the hype (better late than never). Continue reading



I’ve already written a pretty brief post about the YALC announcements in general and what i think of them this year. You can see that HERE if you’re interested, but i’ve not talked about authors i’m exciting about or books that i want to read before YALC this year.

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LGBTQ+ Book Club Night 12 – George

We have officially had our book club running for a year! Our online version started earlier than this but this last one was our twelfth session! This is super exciting and we are so happy we are growing and people are enjoying it as much as we are. We had such a fab little evening with regular book club goers and some newcomers too! The book was George by Alex Gino, a middle grade book about a transgender girl wanting to be seen as a girl by others too. Continue reading

September Wrap-Up

Admittedly, i’ve had a really bad reading month in September. I’ve also had a really bad blogging month. A lot has been going on from friends staying, concerts, settling in to jobs and being ill (a lot) i’ve had next to no time to do anything, and the last thing i wanted to do was sit down and read. It didn’t help that i ended up reading a book that quite frankly i found to be crap. It put me in a little bit of a slump, so not much else was read. After a few exciting book shopping trips, i’ve now got some books that i’m really excited to be getting around to! Lets hope October is a much better month. For now, here’s what i read in September.

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Book Haul

Hello friends! I went book shopping again! This time, my family took my best friend to one of our favourite book shops. It’s called Brierlow Bar in Buxton and i absolutely love it. It’s two warehouses (or barns) filled with books that are around half off RRP or below. You can usually get some really great bargins there and this time i managed to pick up quite a lot for myself that i’m really excited about, or i’ve had my eye on for a long time. So i bought quite a few books and here they are!

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