September Wrap-Up

Admittedly, i’ve had a really bad reading month in September. I’ve also had a really bad blogging month. A lot has been going on from friends staying, concerts, settling in to jobs and being ill (a lot) i’ve had next to no time to do anything, and the last thing i wanted to do was sit down and read. It didn’t help that i ended up reading a book that quite frankly i found to be crap. It put me in a little bit of a slump, so not much else was read. After a few exciting book shopping trips, i’ve now got some books that i’m really excited to be getting around to! Lets hope October is a much better month. For now, here’s what i read in September.

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Book Haul

Hello friends! I went book shopping again! This time, my family took my best friend to one of our favourite book shops. It’s called Brierlow Bar in Buxton and i absolutely love it. It’s two warehouses (or barns) filled with books that are around half off RRP or below. You can usually get some really great bargins there and this time i managed to pick up quite a lot for myself that i’m really excited about, or i’ve had my eye on for a long time. So i bought quite a few books and here they are!

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Upcoming Film Adaptations

Every so often we like to do an update on upcoming film adaptations (look out for a TV one soon, its coming!) As someone who loves books and films, I love looking into what is going to be adapted! Even though some can be awful failures that I like to pretend don’t exist, many adaptations bring a new and interesting light to a story. They also show some  aspects we just can’t get from novels, like brilliant actors and beautiful scores and soundtracks. Here are some adaptations that are coming in the next couple of months! Continue reading

Top 5 Books You Want to See as TV Shows



For Top 5 Wednesday this week, I had to think of books I would like to see as TV shows. So many books are adapted, mostly into films. However, TV adaptations are growing in scale and can be much more satisfying. They give much more time to fit in detailed character development and various storylines that would be erased in a film. I enjoyed writing this one so much! Continue reading



This is the second post in the ‘Lessons we can learn from…’ series! Last month, Sarah wrote about what she has learnt from Holden Caulfield (check it out!) and this month I have taken over to write about my first fictional love, Hermione Granger. These posts aren’t always going to be protagonists or main characters, but any characters we feel we have learnt things from. Continue reading

Books To Read At University

If you’re a uni student like i am, you know that your whole world is taken over by (quite frankly boring) academic reading! As much as your try and pretend that you absolutely love your subject more than anything else in the whole entire world, when you’re reading that paper at midnight on how sentences are put together, you really start to loathe it! This is why to ensure you take a break from the manic world of academic reading, these top 5 books that should only be read while you’re at Uni will give you a well-deserved break!

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Top 5 First Sentences


Another week, another top 5 Wednesday! The theme this week is favourite first sentences of a book and as someone obsessed with quotes, I have been really excited to write this! Much like a first impression of a person, a lot can be said about the first impression a book gives you. The starting sentences are important – for me, I like to see how the character and their personality is shown to us. Here are some of my personal favourites.  Continue reading