YALC Haul 2018

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YALC is over, my weekend wrap-up is done and it’s time for the book haul (aka, the part that i know we’re most excited for). I had the goal this year of not getting that many books, and specifically only picking up books that i was excited for or had been on my list for quite some time. I can happily say that i stuck to one of those promises.

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YALC 2018 Round-Up

YALC Header

YALC has been and gone and i’m just about done crying over it. It always hurts a little bit when you have to take off your wristband after a fun weekend of bookish things. This years YALC went ridiculously quickly, it doesn’t actually feel like it happened at all, so i’m already amazed i’m home and writing this up. It was a whirlwind for sure.

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We’re Going To YALC

YALC Header

Yes you read that title correctly. After talk of it for a few months we finally bit the bullet and bought tickets to YALC! We’re only going to be there for the Saturday due to other commitments and lets face it, doing a day is a whole lot cheaper, but we shall be at YALC! We’re both so excited to be amongst other book lovers for the day and hear from all the amazing guests at the con about their books and thoughts on the YA genre.

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