BEDM: Five Reasons To Go To YALC

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Me and Sophie attended YALC last year for the first time. We just attended on Saturday, but that was enough for us to want to attend the full weekend in 2017. We will definitely be returning, so we hope to see some of you around next July too. If you’re still unsure whether to return or come for the first time (and time is running out now), i’ve created a list of the five reasons you should definitely go get a ticket.

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YALC Round-Up

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If you’ve not heard already (sarcasm), we went to YALC this year! Me and Sophie both had an amazing time and cannot wait to return next year. In case you didn’t know, YALC is the Young Adult Literature Convention created by (Queen) Malorie Blackman. It was put in place so that readers of YA literature could have a place where they can celebrate their books with other readers. So that’s exactly what we did. Here’s my round up of our whole day so you can see what we got up to!

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We’re Going To YALC

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Yes you read that title correctly. After talk of it for a few months we finally bit the bullet and bought tickets to YALC! We’re only going to be there for the Saturday due to other commitments and lets face it, doing a day is a whole lot cheaper, but we shall be at YALC! We’re both so excited to be amongst other book lovers for the day and hear from all the amazing guests at the con about their books and thoughts on the YA genre.

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