Bookish Things I Want To Do In 2019 (Blogmas)

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I set myself some reading goals for 2018, and admittedly i didn’t do all that good with them. Although i enjoyed the challenge, i think i set myself too many goals and it all became a little overwhelming to deal with. I got some of them done, and i’m pleased with that, but choosing later on in the year to not put as much focus on them felt really good.

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Reading Resolutions I’ve Not Yet Completed

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It’s been quite some time since i made my bookish reading resolutions, the beginning of the year in fact. I had intended on addressing them earlier, however that hasn’t happened. I wanted to talk about them before the end of the year and see how much i’d actually gotten through. So here is my update!

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Bookish Happiness

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A few months ago i started a little series entitled ‘Bookish Happiness’. This is where i talked about all the things in the past few weeks/month that made me particularly happy that were book related. I really loved doing the first one and showcasing all the positivity that is happening around the book community at the moment. Here is the next installment of all the bookish things that have made me very happy recently.

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Representation in Novels

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At the moment it feels like every man, woman and dog are talking about diversity and representation in novels. Specifically YA novels. It’s true that a lot of young stories are being improved by own voice authors, and authors who are willing to put themselves on the line to talk about a character that might represent a minority. However, that’s not always the case.

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Overwhelming Bookish Thoughts

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I’m sure that many bookworms have had the problem of looking at your bookshelves and being a little overwhelmed with the amount of books you have left to read. I certainly do get very overwhelmed and cannot look at my shelves for too long without getting a bit lightheaded. There are many books that i feel like i need to read RIGHT NOW, but then my mind wanders and i think about something much bigger.

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