October 2020 Wrap-Up

I didn’t fully realise how much i had read in October until i sat down to write my wrap up. I can hardly believe there are two months left of 2020, and not long left to continue with my reading goals for the year!

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May 2016 Wrap-Up

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So far in 2016 i’ve had some really great reading months, and i’m personally very happy with the amount of reading that i’ve achieved (and how much i’ve lowered my TBR pile)! I May has been no different. I’ve managed to read a hefty amount for myself again, and i’m keeping on top of my reading and enjoying my new found freedom of no longer being a university student and being swamped with assignments. Here’s to summer reading!

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April 2016 Wrap-Up

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Last month I had a very good reading month, and I wanted to continue that in April. Uni is starting to calm down as I approach my last few weeks as a student (yes, that’s right, last few weeks as a student) and it means that I have quite a bit more time to read. It also helps that over the last month I’ve read books that I’ve actually been obsessed with. In fact my new favourite contemporary novel has been read in April!

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After last month’s absolutely tragic reading month (to be fair, I had to write a dissertation and it was my 21st birthday) I wanted to make this month an absolutely brilliant reading month! The first three weeks of the month were filled completely with Uni work, however once March the 18th hit I had a new wave of freedom and I had time to actually sit down and read! I’d forgotten what that feeling was like!

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December 2015 Wrap-Up

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After a very big reading slump in November, I managed to pull myself back in to the swing of things in December! Hurrah! I read in total 4 books and 1 graphic novel in December and I have to say that I enjoyed every one of them! Hopefully I’ll continue to read more in to the new year but with a lot of university deadlines coming up, who knows what will really happen! Here are the books that I read this month!

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