Judge A Book Challenge

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First of all, a massive happy 21st birthday to Sophie! She has now joined the adult world and is being thrown in to all kinds of things 21 year olds aren’t ready for!

We have done the ‘Judge A Book’ challenge! In the last few years booktubers have been getting together with their friends to make fun of their book judgement just from the covers! The idea of the game is to show your opponent the cover of a book they don’t know anything about, and then they have to guess the story inside just using the cover for help. Simple? Not when you play it!

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Halloween Read-Along Day 7

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It’s officially the last day of the Halloween read-along tomorrow! That means I’ve got left just a mere twenty-four hours to finish Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children! Am I going to do it? To be honest I’m not entirely sure. I’ve had a lot of Uni work in the last week and a lot of other things going on that I’ve not had much time to read! I need a full afternoon free so I can just lay in my bed and get my head stuck in the book! But I will definitely do my best to get it finished up before tomorrow night!

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Halloween Read-Along Day 5

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Over the last few days I’ve not had that much productive time to read. Hopefully this is going to change in the next few days, and I will definitely get it done for the deadline day! Because of this, not much has changed in the story since I last wrote a post a few days ago – but that doesn’t mean that I’m not enjoying what is happening at the moment.

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