Sophie’s Favourite Books of 2018 (Blogmas)

Chat HeaderIt’s nice to reach the end of the year and try and focus on the positives as much as possible. I always love looking back at books I’ve read, films and TV shows I’ve watched and new hobbies/interests I may have picked up. It’s always really fun to remember what new things you’ve discovered and connected with throughout the year!

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What I Read In 2018 (Blogmas)

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I wanted 2018 to be a great reading and blogging year for me. I’m happy to report that i managed to actually keep up with both of those things. I’m really pleased with what i have achieved blog-wise this year, and also i’ve managed to keep up my reading challenge and i’ve actually read the most books i’ve ever read in a year in 2018.

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Most Anticipated 2019 Releases (Blogmas)

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I gave up quite early on in my blogging career doing anticipated releases. Half of that was because so many people were doing them i feel like every release was being covered. And half of it was that i’d talk about these books i was ridiculously excited about and i would be put to shame when months later i still hadn’t read them. As it is the end of the year and we’re in to Blogmas, i feel like it’s only appropriate to share the books that i’m most excited about that are being released in the first half of 2019.

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The Hamilton Book Tag (Blogmas)

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My love for Hamilton has only grown this year – i got the chance to see it live in September and it was the best musical production i’ve ever seen. The cast were incredible and hearing the soundtrack live made me happier than i ever imagined it was. So yes, my love for Hamilton has developed quite passionately in the last twelve months. Once i found out that there was a Hamilton book tag, i figured that would be a great thing to add to Blogmas this year considering it’s been one of my favourite things in 2018.

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