Personal Update (Blogmas)

chatSo this is a little personal update for the year. Sometimes, it’s nice to do a bit more of a personal post than a bookish post and it can be quite refreshing to get it out. There is of course some bookish things in here since books and book events are a big part of my life (shocking, I know) but there’s also some big things from my year in here!  Continue reading


Reads Too Close To Home (Blogmas)

chatI’ve been thinking a lot recently about what stories I want to read because I’ve been in a bit of a slump in terms of reading/watching films/anything! I just can’t settle on what I want to consume. I’ve also stopped reading or watching a few things I enjoy because the themes or stories are too close to home for me. If they feel too real to me, in terms of something I’ve felt or been through before, I’ve had to put it down and stop. Continue reading

Welcome To Blogmas


I’ve done Blogmas a few times now, and i always really enjoy posting every day on the run up to Christmas. It’s such a good excuse to get in the festive spirit, talk about Christmas, books, and Christmassy books. Also, the feedback that you get on the blog over Blogmas is excellent, i really love how much interaction everyone gets during December!

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