Book Blogging & Mental Health

chatI have a bit of a strange relationship with blogging, reading and generally keeping up with the book blogging community lately. I know I’ve never been the most present on our Twitter and Sarah writes most of the posts for the blog but I’ve felt quite isolated in the online community recently. The reasons are nothing to do with anyone in it but my state of mind right now. This post is mainly just me wanting to vent a little about my conflicting thoughts and also to ask if anyone else has felt similar or has any tips!

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Akemi Dawn Bowman Interview


A few weeks ago, we got the wonderful opportunity to interview Akemi Dawn Bowman, author of debut novel, Starfish. It’s a beautifully written book which has difficult and heavy themes, such as abuse and mental health struggles. It also features some wonderfully positive relationships too however. I absolutely fell in love with the book when I read it and it is definitely one of my all time favourites. This is the transcript of the interview! Continue reading

BEDM: Organisation Tips

chatI’ve recently been on a trend of trying to organise my life and although I have literally just called this a “trend” I’m hoping it lasts a good while! I’ve been doing everything I can to organise myself and my days and I just want to share what I’m doing and any tips I have!

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Lessons We Could Learn From … Sophie May

This series is going to continue on the first Monday of every month with a new character in which we think has a lesson or two to teach (or at least, we’ve learnt something from reading their stories).

This weeks addition is Sophie May from Giovanna Fletcher’s novels Billy and Me and Always With Love, including her novella staring Sophie, Christmas With Billy and Me. Sophie is such a kind and compassionate person it’s hard not to love her. Giovanna writes her in such a way that everyone is drawn to Sophie, you really do want to be her best friend.

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