Birthday Book Haul – Feburary 2019

Book Haul Header

I’ll give myself any excuse to buy books, and February’s was that my birthday is actually in February. I also wanted to stop doing regular book hauls (as of right now i’m on a ban anyway) so this is just an accumulation of the books that i got around the time of my birthday.

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Birthday Book Haul

Book Haul Header

I haven’t done a book haul for a little while, and i’ve picked up a lot of books since my last one. I genuinely think i have a problem now, why are there not support groups for book buying problems? Anyway… I got some books for my birthday and around my birthday, so i thought i should share with you what i got! Not all the books i’ve gained since Christmas are in this haul, because to be honest, i cannot remember for the life of me what they all are (i told you this is a problem)!

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