Top 5 Books Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Many readers are quite bad for stepping out of their reading comfort zones, well, anyone is quite bad about stepping out of their comfort zones, that’s why it’s called a comfort zone. Admittedly, it can be a struggle for us to pick up that high fantasy novel that’s been recommended over and over again. Or grab that classic that we know we should read but are a little intimidated by it. But occasionally (or very rarely) we step out of our comfort zones and find something we absolutely love.

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Top 5 Settings You Want To See More Of

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There are loads of settings that i have read about in different worlds or this one that i would like to see more of. This question did not specify whether those worlds had to all be fictional, historical or real, so i’m going to use a mixed to answer this question! Because sometimes you want to see more of a hill with a tea shop and sometimes you want to see more of a castle with a dragon.

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