August Wrap-Up

I was aiming to have a really good reading month in August, because i thought i’d have quite a lot of spare time to read. In reality, as soon as i got back from my holiday, i went straight in to a full time job. And when you’re working 12 hours a day, you don’t always feel like reading on the bus home. So i’ve had a mildly decent August for reading, i’ve read some books that i’ve absolutely loved and been meaning to get around to, so it’s been successful in that sense. There’s a lot more i wanted to read, but as i’m either at the back end of a reading slump or going in to one, they might have to be put on hold for a while.

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August Book Haul

book haul

I have been on a book buying ban along with my father for about eight months now. This ban means that I cannot buy books at all with my own money (I can accept gifts or use gift vouchers to buy books) and if I was to buy a book I’d have to buy one for my father too. So far this has been a pretty successful deal as us tight arses don’t want to spend money buying books for each other! However as August brought a family holiday and the end of summer, the ban had been lifted and we were free to buy books until our hearts were content – or wallets were empty!

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In the month of August I got my bum in gear with reading – having finally realised that my summer is ending and I won’t have much time to read next year! I read a total of five books and one graphic novel in August and I’m pretty damn pleased with that if I do say so myself! Continue reading