August Book Haul

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My book ban is making a strong return after August! I’ve gotten in to bad book buying habits recently (which basically means that i’ve been buying too many books) and that needs fixing! I’ve been on holiday this month and there have been a few other events which have lead me to buying books. So here are the books that i bought in August!

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August Wrap-Up

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I was aiming to have a really good reading month in August, because i thought i’d have quite a lot of spare time to read. In reality, as soon as i got back from my holiday, i went straight in to a full time job. And when you’re working 12 hours a day, you don’t always feel like reading on the bus home. So i’ve had a mildly decent August for reading, i’ve read some books that i’ve absolutely loved and been meaning to get around to, so it’s been successful in that sense. There’s a lot more i wanted to read, but as i’m either at the back end of a reading slump or going in to one, they might have to be put on hold for a while.

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