Top 5 Books You Want to See as TV Shows



For Top 5 Wednesday this week, I had to think of books I would like to see as TV shows. So many books are adapted, mostly into films. However, TV adaptations are growing in scale and can be much more satisfying. They give much more time to fit in detailed character development and various storylines that would be erased in a film. I enjoyed writing this one so much! Continue reading


Top 5 Books Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Many readers are quite bad for stepping out of their reading comfort zones, well, anyone is quite bad about stepping out of their comfort zones, that’s why it’s called a comfort zone. Admittedly, it can be a struggle for us to pick up that high fantasy novel that’s been recommended over and over again. Or grab that classic that we know we should read but are a little intimidated by it. But occasionally (or very rarely) we step out of our comfort zones and find something we absolutely love.

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