The One Memory Of Flora Banks by Emily Barr – Review

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I picked up The One Memory of Flora Banks quite a while ago in the hope it was a contemporary that i would enjoy. I knew very little about it before i picked it up. And surprise surprise, it was YALC that pushed me in to reading it.

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I Have No Secrets by Penny Joelson

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I picked up Penny Joelson’s debut novel ahead of YALC this year, knowing she was attending. Admittedly, i knew absolutely nothing going in to this book. I’d read the back and although it reveals it’s a mystery, it doesn’t give much more information. However, when you start reading, it reveals a lot quickly.

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Wing Jones by Katherine Webber

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Wing Jones has been a huge hit in the contemporary genre since it’s release at the beginning of the year . It’s Katherine Webber’s debut novel, which meant i was a little confused about why there was so much hype around it last year at YALC. At first i took no interest, however as time passed and continuously seeing it on friends Twitter and Instagram accounts, i picked it up.

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